Our medical office specializes in the treatment and care of patients with neoplastic diseases. Our goal is to offer high quality medical services, providing the most advanced treatments and care to our patients who often face complex diagnostic and therapeutic problems.

Usually, after initial diagnosis, a series of diagnostic tests is required to assess the stage of the disease. Molecular tests may be needed as well that will help in determining the type of treatment to be followed.

The oncologist will evaluate the condition of the patient, the stage and the molecular-biological markers to prescribe the most effective treatment. Individualization of treatment is the basis for successful management of the disease with the best possible results. During treatment, close follow-up is required to evaluate outcomes and manage any side effects that may appear.

After completing treatment, long-term follow-up is required because of the risk of relapse of the disease and to assess possible late complications. Our team will follow the patient at regular intervals and perform the necessary tests for each case.